Purolator Tracking – Track Courier, Shipment & International Tracking

There is a dedicated application for both Android and iOS operating smartphones. This app allows the users to order their parcel and track the complete information about their parcel to reach its destination. With this, Purolator Tracking is in your reach and allows the customers to have the complete peace of mind.  You may also check BNI Tracking, Trackingstatus.in and Trackingstatuses.com.

Step 1

Go to the Purolator tracking page by filling out the online tracking form with your tracking number.

Step 2

you can see a tracking form for Purolator on the page. You will then see your delivery status immediately after entering your tracking number in that form.

Purolator Tracking

Is it taking you forever to visit multiple websites just to find out how your shipment is doing? In the midst of massive parcel shipping, it’s best to keep a close eye on parcels so as to avoid theft or loss. That’s why we bring you the Purolator Tracking services. All around the world, we provide regular status updates to shipping companies. The tracking I.D. of a shipment shipped by Purolator can be found by checking the tracking number.

Purolator Tracking

Purolator Tracking company ownership shares are like this, 91% ownership by Canada Post, 7% ownership by Barry Lapointe Holdings Ltd., and 2% ownership by others. Posts Canada also owns Purolator Inc. Trans Canada Couriers; Ltd. was initially organized as the company. A North Carolina company called Purolator bought the company in 1967. “Pure oil later” was the abbreviation initially used for the name. In 1987, Canadian ownership returned to the company. It now has no connection with oil filters despite retaining the Purolator name. Purolator shipments can be tracked and any package sent from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore using the Parcels app.

As one of Canada’s most extensive transportation and logistics companies, Purolator offers integrated freight, package, and logistics solutions. Purolator offers its customers the advantages of its size and scale, with more facilities in Canadian regions than any other freight and parcel services provider. Purolator offers a full range of national, provincial, and regional services and support to its customers wherever they may be. As one of the country’s leading transportation and logistics companies, Purolator offers comprehensive freight, parcel, and third-party logistics services.

To help you manage your entire supply chain, Purolator Logistics offers a streamlined supply chain management solution. Enter your tracking number here, and we will track your orders – whether you have one or many shipments.

Purolator Package Tracking Canada

Check the status of your orders by entering your tracking number or reference, or you many call it a PIN number. Purolator tracking is a Canadian courier company that provides delivery services with tracking within Canada and around the globe. Customers trust and rely on them for reliable delivery services. A courier will pick up your package from your residence or workplace, and with this, you can track it until it reaches its destination

Process for Purolator Package Tracking and Current Status

The online tracker tool helps you keep track of your Purolator shipment. In order to track your Purolator shipment, you will need a tracking number (AWB), reference number, or docket number. You can check the status of your delivery online by following the steps listed below

We will send you important details such as the source, shipping address, destination, date of dispatch, and delivery, as well as any delays.

Purolator App

Process for delivery of parcel 

Here are some of the best features of the application for Purolator Tracking that allow you the complete control over your parcel from your hands to the designated destination. Purolator Express Tracking proves to be the best courier company for your parcel delivery. Furthermore, Purolator International Tracking offers state-of-the-art collaboration with other courier companies in order to have fruitful results for their customers. 

Creating Shipment

Your mobile device allows you to easily create a shipment and ship to any address in Canada. Our shipping labels can be printed at home or at your workplace, or at one of our 140+ shipping centers. No printer at home? Q.R.s are scanned for each shipment. Visit a shipping center to get your code. Further, you are awarded the Purolator Tracking Number that allows you to track your parcel all the way from home. 


Whenever you are on the move, you can view the latest details about your shipment. Easily track the location of your shipment, including its transit time or delivery status.

Transit Time

Find out the shipping options to meet your needs and quickly obtain estimates based on your account.

Purolator Pickups

Purolator will pick up your package at a convenient time from your location when you schedule a pickup time.

Location Finder

You can quickly find the closest Purolator shipping location by using GPS. To shop at your convenience, you can view the store hours and drop-off times.


Get instant shipping updates at the touch of a button and better manage your business priorities.


Call or email our Customer Service department directly. And Purolator Ground Tracking is also included in providing the support to its customers.

Features for Purolator’s Mobile App

Estimated delivery date

If you want, you can display an estimate of the delivery date to your customers based on Purolator tracking and handling time and Purolator’s estimates. A delivery date can be customized in terms of format and text. The Purolator shipping methods are displayed next to this delivery date on the checkout page or you may get an estimated delivery quotes from the portal.

Handling time

A handling time can be specified for your products. Orders will not be delivered on time if this handling time is not taken into account.

Optional requirements for signature

The shipping costs of orders requiring signatures will be calculated by Purolator when enabled. This category falls under the Purolator Freight Tracking.


Orders through Purolator can have handling fees added to them. Decide whether to enter a $2.50 amount or 5% percentage. Instead of applying the handling fee to product costs, you can use it to shipping rates. The Purolator Air Tracking rates for different destinations are different from these.

Auto-generating labels

This option will automatically generate a shipping label when it is enabled. The Woo Commerce order email will then contain a link.

Partial shipping fee

Offering your customers a percentage of their shipping fee will increase conversions. If you enter a percentage, the shipping costs will be reduced accordingly. This fee is charged for delivering the Purolator Shipment Tracking.

Main Services of Purolator Courier Tracking

Here are the primary services that are being rendered by the Purolator Tracking.

Purolator Domestic

In Canada, Purolator is one of the most frequently used couriers for shipping within the country. Online retailers, individuals, and businesses alike use it for quick shipping times and tracking.

Same Day Services

There are certain situations where delivery to a destination today is critical. As a convenience to our customers, we offer Purolator Same Day delivery. You can choose from a variety of options for delivery across Canada.  At selected Purolator Shipping Centers, this service is available. Our services are available every day of the week, 365 days a year. The pickup and delivery can be scheduled for the same-day 24 hours a day.

Same Day In-City services

Purolator Same Day services are available to you. You can order within city limits in select Canadian cities, helping you and your customers meet deadlines. We will deliver a shipment across the town as soon as possible.

Same Day Next Flight Out

Shipments needing to be delivered from and select cities in Canada as soon as possible should choose this air service.

International Freight Forwarding

It is possible to import into and export from North America via Purolator – and to facilitate delivery to Canadian customers.

Importing and exporting goods for sale can be made more efficient through a streamlined supply chain with Purolator Tracking. The container liners we use to ship containers across the ocean to Canada are typically owned by global manufacturers. A logistics network in Canada picks up containers at ports of entry and imports them quickly.

Purolator International

Purolator Tracking services serve a number of international destinations. Deliveries to significant destinations take two to five days with this trusted courier service.

Cross-Border Courier dispatching

International shipping is available to and from most countries. By importing and exporting to clients worldwide, you can reach new markets and stay connected.

Purolator freight shipments

T.L. is included in the solution suite. LTL services and truckload services, with a vast network of trucks here in Canada. Purolator Freight ensures that your freight will arrive on time and within budget.

Purolator Tracking services deliver fast, time-definite T.L. & LTL shipments to meet your time requirements. T.L. and LTL transportation with Purolator Freight Expedited are faster, offer high on-time performance, and are easy to track online. In addition to custom pickup and delivery services, we offer premium expedited services.

LTL and T.L. standard Enjoy cost savings for shipments less time-sensitive. P.L. and LTL services from Purolator Freight provide flexible delivery schedules for T.L. and LTL shipments. Intermodal shipments of any size are a perfect fit.

Additional Information

Using Tracking More, you can view all tracking details for multiple international parcels shipped via Purolator, from both the country of origin and the country of destination. Purolator tracking results Page gives you the option to subscribe to email delivery notifications to send you notifications when your order status changes automatically.

Tracking Management

The Notification Settings make it possible to set up auto-tracking and delivery notifications. Purolator waybills will be tracked automatically, and customers will be notified of transit status, pickup, delivery, or conditions. Furthermore, we will collect data together from your eBay, ali express, Magento accounts. And when you are bound to tracking more with your eBay, Ali express, Magento account. Having all the information about your waybill in one place is convenient. Besides, 16 different languages are supported, so users around the world can use them with ease

Improve your Purolator tracking experience

Are your couriers too numerous to track? You can use Parcel Monitor to manage your parcels. Purolator provides track-and-trace information via email without you having to go to multiple tracking websites. By visiting the Parcel Monitor website, you can enroll yourself for this site’s CRM mailing feature.

Purolator tracking updates

Let us know in what language you wish to receive updates automatically. You can track your couriers’ status all in one place with the parcel monitor. You will automatically receive all the reports in the language of your choice via email after just one click. Purolator’s parcel tracking website, Parcel Monitor, is the best. Purolator’s track and trace solution is convenient and easy to use

Parcel Monitor

This tracking solution provides easy tracking for domestic and international shipments. With a Purolator tracking number, you can check your package’s transit status on the move on your mobile device.

One-click is all it takes to track your Purolator package

Now you can track your Purolator packages with ease. Track your parcel details anytime and anywhere using Parcel Monitor without having to surf various tracking websites. A single page displays the tracking updates no matter where you and your Courier are located. It is possible to select a specific language to receive updates on particular parcels that will be delivered in that language.

Customers tracking Purolator Package

You can now enable tracking for Purolator shipping methods for your customers. Upon marking orders as complete in the Woo Commerce dashboard, customers will automatically receive a Purolator tracking link via email where they can easily track their packages.

Track package

Getting tracking information on your Purolator package is as simple as clicking Track Purolator package. Using the order’s details page, site masters can check the shipment status or cancel the order. Clicking on Void Purolator shipment will cancel the label for the product.  

Added icons

You can track or void a shipment, print a Purolator label, and view order status from the WooCommerce order menu with just one click.

Purolator latest version

Purolator requires that the company’s admin system need an Origin Postcode field as part of the Shipping Method. And when you use the Purolator Shipping Method, Purolator automatically calculates the shipping charges for you using the advanced API. We will calculate the freight rate and give it to you based on the product’s weight and dimensions. Also, within WooCommerce settings, the customer can select which shipping methods they want to see. 

Shipping from Canada is supported by this plugin both domestically and internationally. Customers can choose the most cost-effective and speedy shipping method once they have entered their shipping information.

Types Of Shipping

These are a number of shipping methods that are currently available for the facilitation of customers. Create and track shipments, get estimates, and schedule pickups. Besides, with Purolator, you can stay on top of your business, whether you’re at the office or on the road. To help you stay on top of your busy schedule, Purolator has designed its mobile app.

  • Purolator Ground
  • Purolator Ground U.S.
  • Purolator Express
  • Purolator Express U.S.
  • Purolator Express International
  • Purolator Express Pack U.S.
  • Purolator Express U.S.Pack 9AM
  • Purolator Express U.S.Pack 10:30AM
  • Purolator Express 9AM
  • Purolator Express 10:30AM
  • Purolator Express Evening
  • Purolator Express Envelope 9AM
  • Purolator Express Envelope 10:30AM
  • Purolator Express Envelope
  • Purolator Express Envelope Evening
  • Purolator Express Pack 9AM
  • Purolator Express Pack 10:30AM
  • Purolator Express Pack
  • Purolator Express Pack Evening
  • Purolator Express Box 9AM
  • Purolator Express Box 10:30AM
  • Purolator Express Box
  • Purolator Express Box Evening
  • Purolator Ground 9AM
  • Purolator Ground 10:30AM
  • Purolator Ground Evening
  • Purolator Express U.S. 9AM
  • Purolator Express U.S. 10:30AM
  • Purolator Express U.S. 12:00
  • Purolator Express Envelope U.S.
  • Purolator Express U.S. Envelope 9AM
  • Purolator Express U.S. Envelope 10:30AM
  • Purolator Express U.S. Envelope 12:00
  • Purolator Express U.S. Pack 12:00
  • Purolator Express Box U.S.
  • Purolator Express U.S.Box 9AM
  • Purolator Express U.S.Box 10:30AM
  • Purolator Express U.S.Box 12:00
  • Purolator Express International 9AM
  • Purolator Express International 10:30AM
  • Purolator Express International 12:00
  • Purolator Express Envelope International
  • Purolator Express International Envelope 9AM
  • Purolator Express International Envelope 10:30AM
  • Purolator Express International Envelope 12:00
  • Purolator Express Pack International
  • Purolator Express International Pack 9AM
  • Purolator Express International Pack 10:30AM
  • Purolator Express International Pack 12:00
  • Purolator Express Box International
  • Purolator Express International Box 9AM
  • Purolator Express International Box 10:30AM
  • Purolator Express International Box 12:00
  • Purolator Ground Distribution

Customer Care

For more information about Purolator contact information, including Purolator contact information like phone numbers, email addresses, office addresses, and the pin code locator, visit our contact us page.

We support domestic as well as international shipments using PUROLATOR web tracking systems. The LRN / tracking I.D./pod number / PRO number can also be used to track your status.

Whenever you need help or have trouble setting up tracking numbers, tracking number examples, tracking not updating, tracking number doesn’t work, tracking number samples, or any other trouble, please go to the official site.

FAQs-Frequently Asked Questions

All you have to do is click on the bar and enter your Purolator tracking number. After that, click on the track button. There you go in this way you are going to have the exact location of your parcel.

This is not going to happen. Our complete state-of-the-art system has got all the information about each and every parcel we receive and deliver. All you need to do is double-check your Purolator tracking number. If the problem persists, please try to log on after some time. Your internet might not be able to process the data and it you still have any issue then you may talk to customer support

Sometimes there may be delay in delivering your parcel due to any reason, but if you still don’t receive your parcel then you must call your Purolator tracking courier right away and they will investigate.

Initially, the driver will attempt the delivery once before leaving a copy of the notice and sending the package to the local depot for pickup. Unless a recipient indicated that “signature not required” was selected on the waybill, the package would be left at the door in an unobtrusive location.

You will receive a slip from Purolator indicating that you should pick up the package at the nearest Purolator depot if nobody is at home. It is possible to reschedule delivery for a later date by calling the number on your slip. So don’t worry about your parcel. 

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Address and Official Portal of Purolator

Please refer to the Tracking Status descriptions & suggestions for an explanation of a specific tracking event. You can track your package in real-time. And you can choose from a number of different languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, and many others.

Official Website: 


Contact Information: 

Tel : 1-888-744-712