How To Ship A Package With Purolator In Canada?

Wants to ship a Package and dont know how to do it exactly? Dont Worry we have get you covered. Shipping a package is easy if you know how to do it in a proper way. We have faced the same struggle while trying to ship the parcels through Purolator Canada. we are mentioning a step by step guide on how to ship a package with Purolator. Lets get it started. 

Specify Your Delivery Location and Date

We offer shipping to over 210 countries, so we will ensure that your package arrives safely and on time. Tell us where you want to send the package and when you need it delivered.

Choose Your Service and Fill the Document Form

There are a range of options available to you if special arrangements are needed. If you are planing to send a package to the U.S. or then you need to provide us few documents for office use.

Please Pack Your Item

The experts at Purolator have a variety of packaging supplies and solutions available for shipping. You are welcome to use your own shipping supplies, as well. Here are a few steps to completely guide you about how to ship a package with Purolator.

  • Make sure the box is strong and undamaged
  • Always Choose a box that is suitable for your product.
  • If your item is heavy in weight then kindly use double box.
  • Separately package each item
  • When packing items in a box, place them in the center to protect them.
  • Always use water protected tape
  • You should never use masking tape or cellophane tape
  • Attach a label with the box’s complete delivery information and contact details
how to ship a package with Purolator
Steps to pack any item

Ship Your Goods At a Shipping Centre

Create an online shipment in minutes by printing a shipping label. You can also drop off your package at any Purolator shipping centre or drop box, and we will handle the rest.

Track Your Package

When your package is delivered then you’ll be assigned with a tracking number for your package.  You can easily use purolator freight tracking tool to track your parcel at every step in real time.

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